Video Conferencing Policy

Video Conferencing & Online Communication Policy Your Partnerships Members

Your Partnerships have made the decision to currently use Zoom ( for video conferencing.

It is essential that we educate our members on the safe, secure and respectful use of our meetings for networking, training and charity/social events when using the Your Partnerships platform.

Recent events, both globally and through our own experiences, have highlighted the need to have mandatory and enforceable rules that MUST be followed.  Your Partnerships has a legal Duty of Care to both its staff, partners, members, guests and users.  Part of this Duty of Care includes the ENFORCEMENT of taking appropriate measures to prevent unacceptable behaviour that may cause harm, offence or threat (verbally, mentally and physically).

How we will keep our members safe

  • All meetings will be password protected.
  • We will use the ‘Waiting Room’ feature to control access.
  • We will restrict what participants can do in a meeting by:
  • Disabling screen sharing by participants
  • Disabling private chat between participants
  • Not having participants rename themselves

By joining an event our members agree to:

  • Register online at Your Partnerships for the event
  • Will not share any links or passwords sent to them across any form of business, social media or private platforms.
  1. All video’s must be turned on. You will not be admitted to the event unless we can see your face.  This is an essential way of determining if the “person” is a real person or a BOT either harvesting data or testing our security and looking for gaps to penetrate and attack the meeting.
  • Members will not rename themselves before or during the meeting.

By adhering to the above we will all keep each other safe.