Unlock Your Purpose: Discover Your MVS (Motivational Value System)

Unlock Your Purpose: Discover Your MVS (Motivational Value System)

***There are only 12 seats for this opportunity so book right away***

Calling all Senior Managers and Leaders! A chance to embark on a transformative journey using MVS (Motivational Value System).

"Do you know your MVS? Understanding what motivates and gives you purpose."

Unlock Your Full Potential: In this 3-hour interactive session. We will delve deep into the core of your motivations, values, and purpose (MVS). Gain profound insights into what truly drives you and discover the purpose that fuels your professional journey.

Key Highlights:

  • Self-Discovery: Uncover the layers of your motivations and values.
  • Purpose Alignment: Connect your motivations with a greater sense of purpose.
  • Leadership Empowerment: Enhance your leadership skills with a clear understanding of what drives you and your team.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with like-minded senior managers and leaders from diverse sectors.

Why Attend? In today's fast-paced world, understanding your MVS is crucial for effective leadership. Join me to cultivate self-awareness, align your actions with your values, and drive positive change in your professional and personal life.

Who Should Attend? Senior Managers, Leaders, and Decision-Makers across all sectors who are committed to personal and professional growth.

Register Now - Limited Spaces Available! Secure your spot for this empowering workshop. Don't miss out on the chance to redefine your path to success.

The venue - Corker Media Studios! We are meeting in the training room at Corker Studios. We will also have the opportunity to tour the studios on the day as well. You will have unlimited tea/coffee and even hot chocolate on the day with assorted snacks as well.

Corker Media Studios

Coldrenick Farm Offices


PL30 4QE

Your satnav will get you to the location. When you arrive please park to the right of the building in the visitor parking.

If you are having any problems finding the studio ring Shane Solomon on 07525415896.

Ignite your purpose, lead with clarity! See you at the workshop!

This day is being made possible by Dynamo Training - https://www.dynamo-training.co.uk

The course is being powered by Your Partnerships Academy which is supported by Your Partnerships - https://www.yourpartnerships.co.uk