Networking Workshop - Plymouth

Networking Workshop - Plymouth

Come explore how to network and see why it works for so many...

You are invited to attend this free for all to attend event and learn the tools of networking and take the time to learn from each other networking tips.

Your Partnerships has thousands of members and guests working together to build a community of helping each other.

Here is what to expect on the day:
Arrivals and open time to meet each other in a casual atmosphere and if you are new we will have both team members and members making sure you are made welcome.

A few minutes to explain the history of Your Partnerships and where Your Partnerships has members attending events both online and face to face.
We will then take turns going around the room letting each other know about our businesses. If you have never attended a networking event in the past this is known as the “pitch.” We ask that you keep your pitch to a couple minutes, so we have time to go around the room.

Here are the items to cover in your “pitch” to make sure you have time to practice:
- Who you are and what is your core business
- It is best to tell a story of how you have been able to help a customer or other business so that people will remember you more.

Example of an Accountant….

Bad example – Hi may name is Tom and I an accountant. I file people’s taxes, keep records, use great software to keep you up to date and provide you spreadsheets.

Good Example – Hi my name is Tom and I an accountant. Last week I took on a new client. I was able to guide my new client and show them how to save over £14k in VAT bills because they were not claiming legal deductions. Due to this savings they were able to hire a new part-time member of staff that will be allowing them to increase production by over 28% each month.

After we have all had time to hear about each other, we move to the most important part of the meeting as we exchange details so that we can book in one to one meeting at a future time and learn how to better support each other on our business journeys.

See you there…