Exercise and Emotional Wellbeing Networking - Mid Cornwall

Exercise and Emotional Wellbeing Networking - Mid Cornwall

Networking with HMS Shipshape!

The morning will begin with an icebreaker and introductory session, where Heidi will share her personal take on health and wellbeing, showing how the journey of physical activity can have a direct impact on your emotional wellness (both positively and in a negative context).

This will include a wellbeing activity on ‘self care and empowerment’ to help us to reflect, focus, and look at what we need to de-clutter and re-fill. There will be a dustbin and teapot for props! Yes really!!

Following that, there will be a panel session, featuring four guest speakers:

Henry Davies

From a background in performing in the West End to flying helicopters for the Royal Navy, to writing & directing internationally award-winning films and advising on blockbuster movies and TV, Henry has a wide range of experience, including leadership, creativity and teamwork skills. He now utilises that breadth of experience and expertise to help others, bringing individuals, teams and organisations together to unlock their potential and become High-Performing. His client list includes some of the biggest company names in the world, plus he coaches girls’ rugby for Truro RFC and has a monthly slot on local BBC Radio.

"People have near endless potential to be incredible, but we often get in our own way. It's my job to cut through the noise and help people create their own functional change, to then unlock the cultural change they need."

Nancy Finch

For over 20 years Nancy has been working as a full time holistic therapist, author and teacher. Supported by the awards and training that she has achieved, Nancy has found herself developing her own unique style in promoting wellbeing for her clients and students, helping them to overcome many areas of emotional/physical imbalance.

Nancy is based in Cornwall, and has been helping people to find happiness, personal fulfilment and to reach their full potential using her own formula: identifying what’s holding you back in life, then empowering you with one or more of her many ‘emotional tools’ to help maintain your general wellbeing.

Nancy intends to help people to be the best version of themselves in offering a selection of relevant talks and varied inspirational workshops. As she says: “It’s my destiny to be of service to others and I am so happy to be here for you.”

Bhavna Raithatha

Bhavna talks passionately about working with leadership, HR advisors and EAPs and has helped organisations address their wellbeing strategies by creating happy, safe and nurturing environments in which both employees and the company can thrive.

From her work as an accredited psychotherapist, coach, critical incident debriefer and trainer, with 30 years’ experience, she has supported managers and organisations to bring dignity, empathy and compassion into the workplace, and reduce the impact on mental health from racism and discrimination towards ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ communities.

Bhavna frequently guests on radio and international podcasts, and speaks at conferences, sharing lessons from her personal coming out journey, as an academically accomplished Indian women, in a frequently exclusive field.

She is an expert guest author and speaker at webinars on mental health, suicide and relationships, as well as championing LGBTQ+ employee mental health and wellbeing internationally.

Henry Rosewall

Henry is the Senior Producer for CHAOS Digital, CHAOS collaborates closely with communities and professionals across the third sector and local authority to bring positive change. They work hands-on with employability, wellbeing and skill sharing programmes such as Disability Confident, Positive People, Multiply and Project Search.

Henry has also seen real positive results from more holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, including social prescribing, equine therapy, and more, recently the power of community broadcasting.

Having lived in Cornwall all his life, Henry has overcome his own mental health issues, and now enjoys empowering communities, and fostering a culture of inclusivity and support.