Breakfast Networking - Exeter

Breakfast Networking - Exeter

Drew Mason and Jon Iacomino are so pleased to welcome all to the Forge at Winslade Manor in Exeter.

At this event, we hold three 1:1’s at the meeting, so after you have introduced your business other attendees and you can choose three people to talk with in more depth.

This amazing location has serviced offices on the location and will be the new place to be to connect with business leaders from Exeter and beyond. The Forge is part of Winslade House, once you enter the building head right towards the lists and the entrance is next to the lift.

The event is free for all members to attend. You pay for your breakfast on site, which is only £1 per item (minimum of 7 items).

For guest you can attend with a guest ticket. Great hint is to take up the 30-day pass for free and attend in member status. You can find the 30-day pass on the website or use this link -

We look forward to seeing you at this event and you will be learning about how to connect with the over 4k Your Partnerships members as well as how to access the Your Magazine and become involved in the Your Partnerships Academy.

Car parking is free. Park in the first car park on the right when you enter the park and walk up to Winslade House.

See you soon...