Who wants an award?
Well, let’s be honest, we would all probably like an award, although maybe we don’t think we deserve one…

Open now
This is the time of year when Your Partnerships Members can both give and receive awards, so it’s time to think about who you know, in the network, who deserves one.
That’s right, nominations are now open for the Your Partnerships 6th Anniversary Awards for 2023, together with sponsorship opportunities.
These awards are to celebrate the support and achievements of all Your Partnerships members, across businesses of all shapes and sizes, wherever they are geographically.

You can nominate both other members and also your own business, in as many categories as you think are appropriate, making sure to nominate people who you don’t think will nominate themselves!
The nomination deadline is 5pm Monday 15th January 2024.
You can find the nomination form here.

See below for the full list of categories, and what each is celebrating.


There is also the opportunity to sponsor a category. 
What does your business stand for? Is there an award category that exemplifies what you believe in, or where you’ve come from as an organisation, that you can sponsor to encourage others along the road?

Sponsoring an award is one of the strongest statements you can make as a business involved with YP, and best way to stand out as that leader in a huge network. You can contact Brock directly and or use this link for your sponsorship opportunities at the Anniversary/Awards Night.
Get in touch as soon as possible, for the maximum exposure for your brand.

See below for the full list of categories, and what each is celebrating.

Awards night and 6th anniversary celebration
The Awards night will be held at the Penventon Park Hotel, in Redruth, Cornwall, on Saturday 23rd March 2024. You can get hold of your tickets on the YP website.
Make sure you book early, as these anniversary events do usually sell out!

Our wonderful hosts, the Penventon Park Hotel are offering a special discount for rooms, for guests who wish to stay the night. Just contact them direct aand ask for the Your Partnerships Anniversary rates. Their website is

Last year’s event was a huge success, at Boringdon Golf Club in Plymouth, and you can see the pictures of the winners, and some of the other fun that was had, here and here.

Award categories
  • Networker of the year -  That networker that has gone above and beyond and noted as the networker of the year
  • New Business of the year -  Any business that is less than 18 months old can be nominated.
  • Most helpful networker of the year -  That networker that is always helping others
  • Innovation Award -  Any business that had introduced new products or services that is helping in the business community
  • Most helpful business of the year -  Any business that has stood out as helping others businesses
  • Sustainability Award -  For any business or sole trader that has a product or service that helps in sustainability efforts
  • Venue of the year -  That standout venue that the networking community has enjoyed using
  • Most Inspirational Business -  The business that inspires both the network as well as the business community at large
  • Presenter of the year -  For that networker that has stood out from their pitches or presentation efforts
  • Charity/Trust/CIC of the year -  All in this industry are eligible to be nominated
  • Ambassador of the year -  Who was that standout Ambassador in the network
  • Sole Trader of the year -  Any sole trader no matter how long they have been trading
  • Small Business of the year -  For business with 10 or less employees
  • Large Business of the year -  For business with 11 plus employees
  • Business Champion of the year -  For the business that has introduced any product or service that has helped other business grow or survive
  • Wellbeing Award -  That networker or business that exceeds in the health and wellbeing of others
  • Online Networker of the year -  The online networker that stands out above the crowd
  • Phoenix Award -  For the business or individual that has been down for the count but has risen from the ashes to survive
  • Inclusion Champion -  For that person or business that ensures all persons are both treated with inclusion and promotes inclusions for all

by Hannah Danson of HD Words for Your Partnerships