Who I am?
Megan Schirnhofer

Why I’ve joined YP?
I didn’t know how empowering and effective networking could be. The members of Your Partnerships have opened many doors for myself, including getting me to this role. When you believe in a product or a service, it feels only right to back and support it. When Brock asked me to join the team, I couldn’t say no. 

What's my background?
My background is in marketing, specifically digital and social media marketing, as well as events and education. Alongside work I am a Wedding and Events singer across Cornwall and Devon.

What is my job role at Your Partnerships?
I'm the Sales and Marketing Manager, responsible for social media and a whole lot of other things.
I'm also working with Corner Media and with Shane Solomon and Brock in their new project The Referral Club.

Where people can find me?
To find out more about Your Partnerships, Corker Media or the Referral Club, please email me on the following -