Business Bites


Your Partnerships is partnering with Shane Solomon of Corker Media, and Jay-Anne Dingwall to hold regular Business Bites workshop days, supporting local business owners to develop their brand and move their business forward to the next level. This is a generous package, with just £120 covering a workshop on developing your personal branding, then the opportunity to have head shots from Dave Scoffin Photography, a 30-secoond video, and a 10-minute podcast, to use for promotional work.

Paul, Nick, Ross, Shane, Jay-Anne, Dave, Mary, Ian, Faye and Hannah

I am Hannah Danson of HD Words, and I attended the second of these workshops, in October 2022, both for my own benefit, and to write about it for Your Partnerships. Attending the workshop with me were: Faye Edwardes of the Success Property Group, Ian Mitchell of Gyllytech and Duchy Pro Solutions, Mary Wardell of Greywing Creations, Nick Wooley of Alba Coaching, Paul Venter of Osprey Health and Safety Services, and Ross Stevens of Stevens and Nicholls Electrical Plumbing and Heating. Biz Bites workshops are held at Shane’s Cornwall Channel offices, in Bodmin, a beautiful, and well-equipped setting that had us all staring out of the windows at the play of light and mist across the landscape, and admiring the centuries-old stonework.

Participants began by watching Shane wrangle the coffee machine into producing every beverage it was intended for, while we got to know each other. Ever the entertainer, Shane later held an impromptu sing-along, on the guitar handily stashed in the corner of the Green Room, with Faye and I on backing vocals. I only mention this to illustrate that this is a friendly, low-key and relaxed event, although we are available for bookings, for the right fee…

Shane and Jay-Anne introduced the morning, and we discussed what we each hoped to get out of the sessions, ranging through clarity, direction, confidence, or simply that we were there to get the photos and videos. There were no wrong answers, although we all came away with more than we expected.

For anyone who has a business, they themselves are an important part of the branding, outside of the colours and fonts and logos. Getting ‘you’ right can be vitally important to get your business rolling, and then take it to the next level. Jay-Anne led us in an exercise looking at our thinking styles, whether we are a visual thinker, or auditory, or kinaesthetic (based on feelings, both emotional and tactile), or auditory-digital (self-talk). Once we know how we operate, that makes it easier to speak with co-workers, and especially customers. Feeling a disconnect between yourself and someone you want to have as a client can sometimes be as simple as the words you’re using. It was a fascinating conversation!

We discovered that ‘self-talk’ the internal monologue that most of us have, can sometimes be branded as ‘over-thinking’, and thus seen as negative. However, if we can manage to reframe it as a positive, and embrace it (without going down the rabbit hole of endlessly looping negativity) then it can be a real benefit to us.

For others of us, personal interaction with the client, in their space, could help us to show them what we can do for them, either with physical products in their hands, or by arm-waving and visualisation.

We all came out of the morning session having learned something about ourselves, and with plenty to take away and mull over.

After a delicious lunch provided by Farmhouse Caterers Bodmin, we settled in for a happy afternoon of networking and swapping stories. Just as we were getting going, Dave, Shane, and Jay-Anne began collecting us one at a time for our head shots, 30-second video shoot, and 10-minute podcast recording, respectively.

For most of us, these were outside of our comfort zones, but each of the three hosts did an excellent job of putting us at ease, and getting the best from us. My own podcast apparently took 12 minutes to record, but I’d have estimated about four, as Jay-Anne made me feel so comfortable. We were encouraged to try different poses and styles for the photos, including jacket-and-tie, or branded shirts, where people had these. All these media resources are available to attendees after the event, once editing has been carried out by Shane’s team, and Dave, making it a bargain package. Watch our LinkedIn profiles and social media to see the results soon.

Shane and Jay-Anne are considering how they can develop Business Bites, with possibly other topics coming up in the future, in addition to the Personal Branding one. This is currently taking place monthly, and places are already filling up for the next one. I, and all who attended with me, would highly recommend the day, and will be working to include all that we’ve learned as we go forward. You can book your place here:


Thanks Shane, Jay-Anne and Dave, and thanks to all those who were there, who have cleared the content for sharing.


photography by Dave Scoffin and Shane Solomon.

Blog by Hannah Danson of HD Words