James Dyer

James Dyer

Adventurer : Explorer : Leader : Educator

Since he was very young James was fascinated by adventure and through his life he has strived to find ways to develop his adventurous nature, even from the depths of South London where he grew up!

Over the course of his career he has participated on expeditions to all corners of the globe, leading many of these with scientists, film crews, students and adventure tourists.

James is a highly experienced, award winning and trusted expedition professional, designing, preparing, providing safety advice and leading expeditions, alongside continuing to practice as an adventurer and explorer in his own right, staying true to his original passion for exploring remote wildernesses.

James believes that challenging expeditions are powerful mediums to help educate and inspire, and that they can be drivers to help in environmental, conservation and social justice and change.

Between 2011- 2016 James was the Operations Manager at the British Exploring Society, devising, planning and setting standards for the operational delivery of wild and remote scientifc expeditions for young people. The Society is the oldest expeditions organisations of its type in the world and James continues to be involved in the organsiation as a Chief Leader and Advisor, supporting the Societies work in transforming and educating future generations.

In his early twenties James embarked on a career as a professional outdoor instructor and overseas expedition leader, as a way of following his adventurous dream.

He has gone on to travel and explore the world, sometimes on adventurous expeditions of his own, or on physical challenges pushing himself both physically and mentally, in some of the remotest and wildest places on the planet, developing his passion for wildlife, exploration and wilderness areas.

James is a professional expedition leader and has led hundreds of people on expeditions, adventurous activities and projects globally, these includes students, tourists, military groups, scientists, TV crews and youth groups, eductating, inspiring and transforming their views and understanding of the world around us!

James was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2011, in 2014 he became a Leading Practitioner of the Institute of Outdoor Learning, and recently he was elected as a member of the Arctic Club.

In 2014 James devised and led an expedition leading 26 RAF Air Cadets across the deserts of Jordan, in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, this expedition went on to win both the RAF Air Cadet Shackleton Trophy for best Expedition and the Ulysses Trust Best Cadet Expedition.

In March 2018 James was announced as the 2018 British Exploring Society, Les Morgan Award Winner for Best Leader.

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