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Quay Magazine

Quay Magazine was founded in October 2019 as a way to bring exposure to positive businesses.

The magazine is a platform that allows businesses to make crucial connections and continue to grow together, facilitating greater collaborations and higher value products and services. It is packed with a range of informative articles, interviews, and insights from local businesses.

Issues may also feature offers and competitions, so readers and clients can get involved and win a prize!

Quay Magazine is based in the South West of England, home to a stunning region known as the English Riviera. But there is more to it than the sun, sea, and sand that springs to mind. This is a dynamic hub of business innovators who want to grow, collaborate, and create great experiences for their customers.

Quay Magazine helps to give them a voice, a platform, and a way to meet like-minded individuals. It is a great way to stay informed, but also to get involved. Do you have a local business? Would you like to grow your client base and make meaningful business connections?

You can get involved with the magazine, and become part of a growing network of businesses and entrepreneurs who are thriving in the South West and Cornwall.

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84 Union Street, Torquay, England, United Kingdom


Tel: 01803 212805
Mob: 7773339458


50.4669574, -3.5302029

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