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We are a not for profit organisation working to support communities. Based on principles of love and integrity, Arterne CIC was founded by Cindy Willcocks in August 2016 and focuses on supporting individuals, businesses and communities to be the best version of themselves that they can be, promoting a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Arterne CIC raises awareness about mental health and its’ links with physical health. By tackling the stigma of the mental health term, Arterne CIC promotes the message ‘we all have mental health’, viewing mental health as everybody’s business and focused on balancing a Healthy Body: Healthy Mind.

In addition to a wide range of accessible options aimed at supporting individuals, businesses and communities through project work, group work, individual work and work with families, Arterne CIC offers business development, creative solutions to support innovation and improvement, consultancy and bespoke skills based training workshops.

Arterne CIC has a passion and energy for supporting individuals, businesses and communities to feel empowered. Promoting the model of ‘L.O.V.E Leadership’ is at the core of everything offered by Arterne CIC employees and volunteers.

Arterne CIC offers mental health assessment and support for individuals and whole families across all age ranges. Key projects include Platform 50: Coaching and Mentoring for women aged 16-25; Operation Snow: OS #Not just for Christmas: providing company and conversation on Christmas Day as well as essential items all through the year.

Alongside partners agencies, Arterne CIC offers SEA-ing Changes: activity based group work on the beach for whole families in collaboration with Beach Schools South West CIC and ‘KOFEE?’: in collaboration with Youth Focus South West CIC.

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C/O Francis Clark North Quay House Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, England, United Kingdom


Tel: 07554 665461


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